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SP-825, Road No.14 Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Jaipur 302013 (Rajasthan)
Tel.No. 0141 2331771/2,
Fax: 0141 2330810
E-mail: info@bajoriagroup.in
CIN NO. L28101RJ1980PLC002140

Beekay Niryat Limited

Beekay Niryat Limited, was incorporated on 6th June, 1975, under the Companies Act, 1956, in state of West Bengal. It was incorporated as M/s Giri Finance & Trading Limited which was changed to Beekay Niryat Limited on 4th May, 2001 pursuant to the Scheme of Amalgamation dated 15th January, 2001 with 9 (nine) Companies. At present the Company is engaged in the following businesses:


  • To carry on business traders, exporters, agents, representatives, dealers, producers, stockiest, importers, or distributers of industrial, commercial agricultural, scientific, household, domestic, farm and forest products, goods, plants, machineries equipments, apparatus, gadgets, appliances, accessories, spare parts or other merchandise including tea, coffee, jute and jute good, textiles, cotton, yarn, wool and woolen good, handicrafts, piece of arts, jewellery, ornaments, steel, plastic, rubber, chemicals, engineering goods, minerals ,electronic, musical and sports goods cloth dresses, garments, transport vehicles, food products, livestock, books, reading and educative materials paper and paper products.

  • To purchase, acquire hold and dispose of otherwise deal and invest in any shares, debentures and other securities in or of any Company or companies, real estate or properties either out of its own funds or out of funds that the Company might borrow by issue of debentures or from bankers or otherwise howsoever in any other manner whatsoever.

  • To trade in jute and jute products.